South Sudan Safaris

Seven, Ten and Fifteen Day Safaris

The best time to visit South Sudan is in the dry season, which is late December to late March. Although we operate all year. The only paved road in South Sudan is the route between Juba and Nimule (on the Ugandan border). In the wet season (early April to late December) all other roads experience extreme mud, limiting travel.

The company handling Safaris in Sudan uses specially refurbished Mercedes Benz 416 Unimogs for game viewing use, 9 seat (driver/guide and 8 safari clients), diesel. A specially constructed double cab Unimog truck carries the crew, all food, water purification filter/pumps, ice makers, refrigeration, generator, tents, your luggage, field kitchen, portable toilets & showers, etc.

The crew sets up and breaks down the camp as necessary. At camps the Game Viewer Unimog goes off to visit
wildlife and tribal villages, returning to the camp to eat, sleep and relax.

After finishing your safari in Uganda you can fly Entebbe to Juba, or if you are in northern Uganda, your safari operator can bring you to us, at the border of the two countries. A safari in northern Uganda to see Murchison Falls National Park or Kidepo Valley National Park is close to the border of South Sudan.

Murchison Falls National Park to Nimule border crossing - 162 km Kidepo Valley National Park to Nimule border crossing (you may need a night in Gulu to allow time for the border crossing) - 351 km For a safari operator in Uganda to cross into South Sudan or vice versa for us to cross into Uganda requires additional operator permits, insurance, driver work permits, changing of vehicle plates. This is not an economically viable situation. As a result Volunteers 2 Ugandan Safaris can bring you to the border and hand you over to us.

All of our safaris depart the Juba International Airport with the late afternoon arrival of the FlyDubai flight from Dubai (generally at 3:45pm). This allows us time to send a vehicle to the border and bring you to Juba, the same day. We would require you to have cleared out of Uganda, reached the border and cleared out of South Sudan immigration no
later than 11am. Please have a South Sudan Visa or entry permit. Our vehicle will be waiting for you at the bridge that crosses over the Unyama River at Nimule, South Sudan. The bridge marks the actual international border line and the south sudan immigration office is near the bridge.

Our vehicle must make a roundtrip of 380 kilometers (it is a 3 hours drive one way Nimule to Juba). We charge $500 usd for this service for the vehicle, the cost of which can be divided up between the number of people in your group. Picnic lunch and cold drinks will be aboard the vehicle.

For More details about how to book safaris in Sudan please Visit this website to contact with the sudan Office 
SAFARI ROUTE 1 (10 days)

Dates 2015- Dec 23 - Jan 1, 2016 (Christmas Safari)

Dates 2016 - Jan 21-30, Feb 8-17, Mar 19-28(PhotoSafari)

Price Per Person - $3475 usd

Day 1 - Arrive on FlyDubai flight into Juba at 1445 from Dubai (Arrive into Dubai the night prior on Emirates Airlines). After Customs and Immigration in Juba, drive direct to our camp among the Mundari people, that was set up the day before near Terakeka. About 1 hour drive. Picnic Lunch and cold drinks aboard the vehicle.

Day 2 - Drive to Torit, visiting the Lotuko people in the afternoon, after a drive from Terakeka. You pass back
through Juba enroute to Torit. Set up Mobile camp for the night outside Torit.

Day 3 - Drive to Kapoeta in the morning. Visit Toposa and Jie villages in the afternoon. Camp will be set-up within the mango camp compound. See the Toposa page for a photo Mango camp.

Day 4 - Stay a second night in Kapoeta, at the same Mango camp, visiting various villages of the Toposa
and Jie people throughout the day.

Day 5 - Drive slowly from Kapoeta to half way between Kapoeta and Boma National Park Headquarters, stopping at different Toposa, Jie and Murle Villages, enroute. Camp in a Murle village.

Day 6 - Drive slowly to Boma National Park Headquarters, stopping at different Murle Villages enroute. You will be
within Boma National Park most of this drive. Set up mobile a camp next to park headquarters.

Day 7 - Stay in Boma Park searching for Wildlife within the park. Use the same mobile Camp, next to park headquarter. The village of Mewun, a Suri/Kachipo village will be visited.

Day 8 - Drive slowly to Pibor, passing through Boma National Park, stopping at Murle and Nuer villages. You will be within Boma National Park most of this drive. Mobile Camp set up next to the Pibor River.

Day 9 - Drive from Pibor to Bor, stopping in Jiye, Nuer and Dinka Villages and cattle camps. Camp in a Dinka village near Bor.

Day 10 - Drive direct to Juba Intl airport to arrive at least 2 hours before the departure on Fly Dubai flight, departing at 1545 to Dubai with connections onward on Emirates Airlines.

For More details about how to book safaris in Sudan please Visit this website to contact with the sudan Office